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Our entire fleet of Teslas currently hold a 5-star safety score
awarded by the NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).
Independent testing by the NHTSA has awarded the Tesla Model S
specifically a 5-star safety rating, not just overall, but in every subcategory
without exception! Of all the vehicles tested, the Tesla Model S
successfully set the new record for lowest likelihood of injury to occur on
the road. The score includes probability of injury from all angles including
the front, rear, and sides.

The Model X received similarly impressive scores, exceeding every other SUV on the market for its impeccable safety standards, specifically in regards to roll-over risk. The lithium ion battery located on the bottom of the vehicle serves to lower the Model X’s center of gravity, ensuring the safety of both driver and passengers.

Further testing done by Tesla found that those inside a Model X have a 93% chance of walking away from an accident-- receiving the second highest score, just behind the Model S.


A Model S can travel upwards of 265 miles on a single charge of its 85 kilowatt-hour battery, which equates to less than 3 gallongs of gas. It's official EPA miles-per-gallon equivalent is 89, far greater than a standard Toyota Prius.

While it can cost a lot of resources to make lithium-ion batteries, Tesla's Nevada battery Gigafactory will be 100% renewably powered with a 70MW solar array and have on site recycling, making the production of these batteries completely green.

Tesla received the Global Green USA Product/Industrial Design Award at the 7th annual Designing a Sustainable and Secure World Awards, co-sponssored by Green USA and Green Cross International. Mikhail Gorbachev, President of Green Cross International, Global Green USA's parent organization said (through an interpreter), "There couldn't be a more important time for these innovators. Designing a more sustainable and secure world will make us all safer and healtheir." 

ExecuTesla prides itself on being one of Austin's finest chauffeur service; but what is a chauffeur service exactly? Two common phrases personal transportation companies use are "black car service" and "chauffeur service." A company that offers a black car service dispatches rides out to drivers, independent contractors that perform these rides with their cars. This is similar to a traditional taxi service. The rides are offered out based on whichever car is available or to whichever driver is willing to provide the transportation. The condition of the car and driver are up to the driver themself, and can't be heavily enforced by the company.

ExecuTesla is a chauffeur service. We are highly regulated as we own the cars that perform the rides, allowing us to ensure that each vehicle is properly maintained and cleaned for each and every trip we provide. We also employ a team of professional uniformed chauffeurs and a dedicated dispatcher to provide a, green, reliable, and professional experience every time.

Rideshare companies are similar to black car services in how they operate, with a few key differences. Both dispatch out work to drivers based on their availability, and neither company has control over the cars or the presentation of the drivers. However, black car services are licensed with the city and permitted to provide "Meet and Greets" at airports during pickups. 

Rideshares are frequently on demand, however they are not permitted nor licensed with  the city to operate as a chauffeur or black car service. Rideshares also tend to charge higher than black car services for trips in similar vehicles due to the on-demand nature. 

We are able to provide a much higher quality experience in a much nicer, safer, better maintained vehicle for less. We also offer a mobile app for quick and easy bookings.

When you book a ride at ExecuTesla, you know what type of vehicle will be picking you up, you know the driver will be licensed as a chauffeur with the city, as well as background and drug checked, and you pay much less than with a similar rideshare service. 

For example, we can compare our prices to that of similar rideshare services to see the difference. Our rate to go from Round Rock to the aisport in a Tesla Model S is $106.25 ($75 rate for the car and $31.25 for the 12.5 miles over the 15 that are included with the trip). The same trip using the lux or luxury option of a leading rideshare service is $114.92. Combined with the differences in quality and service and ExecuTesla is your number one transportation company.


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