Join us for a bite-sized glimpse of Austin through one of our five Golden Selections. Each Selection is specifically tailored to focus on one weird or iconic aspect of life in Austin. One of our elite drivers will pick you and your party up at the destination of your choosing, guide you through Austin on the way to and from each site, drop everyone off at each location to explore, take pictures, eat, or whatever works for each spot, and then take you home at the conclusion of the tour. To book a tour, simply press the Book button at the bottom of the page! (For scheduling purposes, we require 48 hour advance notice when booking a tour.)

Golden Selections:

A Taste of Austin: It’s time to get weird! Visit the most popular sites in Austin for a heap of marvelous photo opportunities. Your tour guide will take you to many of the cool and weird attractions around the city such as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, Congress Street Statues, many of our mural walls, etc. This Selection is a great fit for those who are looking to bolster their photo album (or Instagram page) with fun Austin culture.

Food Truck-a-Palooza: Food trucks are a cornerstone of Austin culture! Explore the most popular and iconic mobile eateries this city has to offer. Whether you have a specific food truck in mind, or want to explore the variety of culinary creations our food trucks offer, we’ll take you there! Spend the afternoon sampling your favorite types of food and enjoy a relaxing ride home when you’re done.

Garden Oasis: Do you prefer the great outdoors? Take time to seek out the most beautiful corners of Austin at one of our local botanical centers. Choose between the Zilker Botanical Gardens or Lady Bird Wildflower Center and we’ll show you the sights! You’ll be able to enjoy the afternoon admiring all of nature’s splendor wandering the paths of these two beautiful areas. (Seasonal: During the summer, you can choose to visit the incredible [and incredibly cold!] Barton Springs Pool, a natural cold-water spring, perfect for taking a dip during one of Texas’ famous hot summer days.)

Haunted Austin: Do you believe in ghosts? Well, there’s no doubting that there are some spooky and mysterious sites around Austin that we can show you. Since its founding in 1839, Austin has been accumulating more and more super natural sightings. We’ll take you to some of the more haunted spots in the city so you can judge for yourself! A great Selection for anyone fascinated by or curious about the supernatural.

Magnificent Museums: Learn what you can from what Austin has to teach! Choose one of our local art, history, or science museums and end with a meal at a local restaurant. For our art enthusiasts we have the Blanton Museum of Art, Mexic-arte Museum, The Contemporary Austin Jones Center, and Laguna Gloria! For our history buffs we have the Capital Building, The Bullock Texas State History Museum, and LBJ Presidential Library, and for our scientists check out the Texas Memorial Museum!