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“It was perfect! My fiancé surprised me at the airport with this service and it was great!!! The driver was helpful and friendly and it absolutely made my day!!!” – Amy B., ExecuTesla Google Reviews

If you are in need of black car service in Austin or the surrounding area, there is only one choice for folks looking to enjoy the eco-friendly luxury that a Tesla has to offer. Welcome to ExecuTesla, Austin’s black car service company of choice. We are Austin’s Tesla black car and limo provider, and our services extend beyond simple airport ground transportation. We offer wedding car service, corporate black car service, with much more on the horizon. View our Tesla black car services if you are in need of more details about our car service in Austin TX.

We are excited to tell you that in the short future we will provide our customers with the ability to rent a Tesla for themselves. No driver required. That is, no ExecuTesla required – an important clarification. When you utilize our Austin Tesla rental opportunity, you’ll be able to freely cruise around the city in the model of your choice.


Also on the ExecuTesla horizon is our ExecuTour offering. You’ll have the ability to use ExecuTesla for a private, unique tour of the city of Austin and all it has to offer. You’ll be able to choose from Diamond (9 hours), Platinum (6 hours), and Gold (3 hours). Any wine lovers will be delighted to learn that we also have a Tesla Driftwood Tour for those of our customers interested in getting a lay of the local wine country. It’s an all-inclusive trip that you won’t want to miss out on, irrespective of whether you are an Austin resident or just visiting our beautiful state’s capital!

Green. Reliable. Professional.

On our site, you maybe have noticed the tagline, “Green. Reliable. Professional.” Far more than a mere platitude of a slogan, we take each of these words to heart, as these principles are the foundation of our black car service company here at ExecuTesla. We firmly believe in providing an experience of absolute luxury throughout every ride we give in a Tesla. But, to us, luxury means more than a sleek black Tesla and a plush interior. It has to do with how you are treated and how you feel from your booking until the ride is complete.


ExecuTesla is the first and only green energy, black car service provider in Austin, Texas. If you are interested in an electric car rental because you are conscientious about the environment and your carbon footprint, we want you to know that you have an affordable option in ExecuTesla. Whether you are looking for Austin airport transportation or are just in need of Austin town car service for an evening downtown, we have you covered with an environmentally-friendly luxury transportation option.


Having all of the most contemporary, luxurious features means nothing if you aren’t punctual and reliable. We make a point to understand where and when we need to be so that you don’t have one more thing to stress out about. Our professional Austin car service drivers are experienced and well-trained so that you don’t have to explain your needs multiple times. We pride ourselves on being on-time and prepared.


In the same vein as reliable, we want you to have an experience worth remembering. The foundation of a high-class black car service experience is a professional driver who knows the area, how to communicate well, and is a safe and careful driver. Our drivers are experienced and come with integrity to boot. You can meet them all on our ExecuTesla driver page!

Black Car Service Austin

Whether you need airport car service or are weighing your options when it comes to wedding limos in Austin, getting driven to your destination in a stunning Tesla S, X, or Tesla SUV is an experience in its own right. You can view our rates here, so go ahead and book your first ExecuTesla ride today!