Jedediah Grant

CEO of ExecuTesla. Originally from Montana I have worked in IT for the last 10 years. I have always been passionate about technology and cars. Running a Tesla limo company brings together both of my passions. My goal is to provide a unique experience, you get to ride in some of the coolest green energy cars available, with the best team of drivers in Austin.

Richard Smith

Richard is a veteran to the transportation industry and is originally from Dallas, Texas. Richard has a variety of driving experience, having spent time behind the wheel of everything from commercial trucks to high end luxury vehicles, but by far, his favorite vehicle to drive is a Tesla Model X. Richard also has extensive experience as both a business manager and a business owner. When he’s not driving, Richard enjoys spending time with this girlfriend, three children.

Joseph Wood​

Originally from Houston, I have lived in Austin for 17 years & have been driving professionally for nearly 19 years. I possess a strong desire to deliver the ultimate customer service experience. You can trust me in partnership with ExecuTesla to serve all your transportation needs.

Dardan Qorraj

Abraham Asrat