Jedediah Grant

CEO of ExecuTesla. Originally from Montana I have worked in IT for the last 10 years. I have always been passionate about technology and cars. Running a Tesla limo company brings together both of my passions. My goal is to provide a unique experience, you get to ride in some of the coolest green energy cars available, with the best team of drivers in Austin.

Richard Smith

Richard is a veteran to the transportation industry and is originally from Dallas, Texas. Richard has a variety of driving experience, having spent time behind the wheel of everything from commercial trucks to high end luxury vehicles, but by far, his favorite vehicle to drive is a Tesla Model X. Richard also has extensive experience as both a business manager and a business owner. When he’s not driving, Richard enjoys spending time with this girlfriend, three children.

Joseph Wood​

Originally from Houston, I have lived in Austin for 17 years & have been driving professionally for nearly 19 years. I possess a strong desire to deliver the ultimate customer service experience. You can trust me in partnership with ExecuTesla to serve all your transportation needs.

Dardan Qorraj

Dardan has lived in Austin for six years and driving with ExecuTesla for a year and seven months! One of our longest driving driver. He mainly pilots a black Model S called Dardatron. You can notice it by its vanity plate driving around Austin!

One of Dardan’s favorite things to do in Austin is check out the bats at Congress Bridge and admiring the beauty of the Austin skyline. He loves driving, which is perfect for us, and he loves meeting individuals from all over the world. During South By Southwest, ExecuTesla partnered with Blacklane and Dardan was selected to drive around several German Blacklane VIPs throughout the event. He’s even had the privilege of driving some really cool celebrities around, his favorite being Kristin Chenoweth!

What kind of meet and greet would be complete without some “either or” questions! When asked between Tacos and BBQ Dardan confidently answered, “definitely BBQ!” and between cake and pie our fine driver chooses cake (his favorite being Red Velvet!) So far the Official ExecuTesla Cake vs. Pie score is 1, nil with cake in the lead. As with a lot of us here at ExecuTesla, Dardan’s dream car is the Tesla Roadster. Read up more about Dardan on our Meet the Drivers blog post! 

Abraham Asrat