This is the first of many posts by ExecuTesla that you can look forward to. We are happy to have a space where we can describe our services, highlight special offerings, and be able to feature positive customer experiences so that prospective clients can get a feel for the way we operate here at Austin’s one and only green energy, black car service company. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about a company that has a dedication to providing affordable, eco-friendly limo service.

Our Services

We are an energy-efficient town car service provider with a variety of services. Read more about airport transportation in Austin, wedding transportation, corporate car service, and a few services we are about to roll out in the near future!

Airport Transportation In Austin

One of our bread and butter services is Austin airport transportation. Just because Austin–Bergstrom International Airport is located in the southwest part of the city, it doesn’t mean that it’s a walkable distance away from where you are staying. Whether you need to be picked up for airport car service or dropped off, we offer a level of professionalism and class that you aren’t likely to find elsewhere. Consider ExecuTesla and our fleet of Teslas for any and all of your Austin airport transportation needs.

Wedding Limo Service

If you are looking for the ultimate wedding getaway car, why not a Tesla? Even if you aren’t in the wedding party, using our limo rental adds an element of style to your arrival and departure. Who wouldn’t want to roll up to a wedding in a Tesla Model S sedan or a Model X SUV?

Corporate Car Service

We have a commitment to excellence that pervades our company from top to bottom. Our drivers are accommodating, experienced, considerate, punctual, and professional. That might sound like fluff to those of our readers who have never experienced the antithesis of those qualities described above, especially when you are on a tight schedule. Choose ExecuTesla for our dedication to tailor your experience the way you need it to be. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any special requests you may have.

Tesla Rentals

Coming soon is the ability to rent a Tesla from ExecuTesla. You’ll be able to cruise around the city and beyond in the Tesla model of your choice. Watch this space for updates on this Tesla rental service.


Coming very soon is the option to use ExecuTesla for your very own private tour of the city. Choose from Bronze (4 hours), Gold (8 hours), and Platinum (12 hours) tour options. We also have a Driftwood Tour for folks interested in taking a tour of our lovely regional wine country. All options are all-inclusive, so we will be sure to have a piece announcing our ExecuTours commencement!


In a future post, we will highlight what a variety of our clients have to say about utilizing our Austin limo service. But for now, we wanted to share a couple of features we’ve had written about us in a few well-known entities, the Huffington Post and Yelp.

“I may have just met the happiest man in Texas. I was in Austin for a talk at the University of Texas, right before this year’s South by Southwest festival was to begin, and my driver for two days was an Ethiopian gentleman named Abraham, which seems to me appropriate, because I think he could lead almost anyone to The Promised Land.” – Tom Morris, The Huffington Post

You can read the full article here, but the long and short of Tom Morris’ testimonial was that he deeply enjoyed his experience with our driver, Abraham. “He (Abraham) always sees the silver lining. And he’s a consummate professional at his job. If you need quiet, he’ll give you quiet. But if you feel like talking, you can learn a lot.” Thank you, Mr. Morris, for taking the time to let others know about your positive experience with Abraham and ExecuTesla.

“Jed arrived early, the car was spotless, he was professional, and it was a really smooth ride all around. I have used several car services in the past and I would not hesitate to count on ExecuTesla again in the future.” – Gabriella M.

Thank you, Gabriella, for considering and recommending us the way you have. It is a source of pride for us to know that whoever our client is, they can expect absolute professionalism and genuine care. You can read the entirety of Gabriella’s testimonial toward the bottom of our home page.

Consider ExecuTesla

If you’ve been searching for “limo service near me” to little or no avail, you have found your solution in ExecuTesla. We are where luxury and living in an environmentally friendly way intersect. When you include the fact that we are affordable and flexible (don’t hesitate to ask us about special requests), choosing us for chauffeur service makes sense. Think of us the next time you are in need of airport car service or a limo rental in Austin!