In the summer of 2017, we were approached to book several Teslas so a group of visitors and their tour guide could enjoy the comfort and luxury of our fleet while taking a tour of Austin.  The experience was such an amazing success, and the visitors enjoyed themselves so much, that we realized this was a service our patrons would enjoy. It would not be until 2018 that the new social media manager of Executesla, Dio Schmied, was able to bring this idea to fruition.

During the brainstorming sessions for our tours, we decided we wanted this experience to be controlled by our guests.  Instead of telling people what we think they should see, we curated a list that highlights and showcases the landmarks, quirks, and locations that make Austin special – then allow clients to choose what they are most interested in.  Once the outline for this tour system was created, Dio set out on the fun task of visiting many of these places himself to gather pictures and information about our amazing city. Executours now offers different length experiences depending on what type of day you want to have in Austin.

Gold tour is three hours and lets you experience a glimpse of Austin with one of five selections.  We’ve got A Taste of Austin, where you can visit the most popular sites around the city, perfect for photo opportunities; Food Truck-a-Palooza, where you can explore the most popular and iconic mobile eateries this city has to offer; Garden Oasis, which lets you choose between the Zilker Botanical Gardens or Lady Bird Wildflower Center so we can show you a gorgeous natural site; Haunted Austin, where we’ll take you to some of the more haunted spots in the city so you can judge whether ghosts are real for yourself; and finally Magnificent Museums, where you pick one of our local art, history, or science museums and then end with a meal at a local restaurant.

Our Platinum packages are six hours and are meant for folks who want to make a day trip into Austin.  Here there are three selections: Capitol Craft Breweries, where we’ll take you to several of the craft breweries around the city; Experience Austin, a more active trip where you can choose from several local activities on and off the water; and Vineyard Voyage, which lets you see the town of Driftwood, tour the breathtaking vineyards, and end with a dinner at the original Salt Lick.

Last but far from least we offer our Diamond package, which is for anyone who wants to spend their entire day in Austin.  Start off with brunch and then choose from two of our five golden option or one of our three platinum options and end the night on Austin’s famous sixth street – including a complimentary ride home once you’re ready to relax.

Our tours are reasonably priced and more discounted the higher you go, so check out Executours page and book your summer tour today: